ALEX Jr. Stack Me Up is a Stack of Developmental Fun!

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ALEX Jr. Stack Me Up is a Stack of Developmental Fun!As my belly begins to expand (literally more and more every day!), I am steadily getting excited about bringing out the baby toys again.  So when I saw the Stack Me Up toy from ALEX Jr, it was love at first sight.

Not only is it adorable, but it really is a great developmental toy!  While it is geared toward kids six months to one year of age, I believe that this toy is perfect to grow with your child during the first two years of life.  Younger children love the sensory elements while older kids love to explore the more imaginative side of the toy.

Here are the areas of development that I thought this toy really targeted:

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Five Ways Babies Learn with Building Blocks

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wooden building blocks, motor skills, ALEX Toys, babies, learning, parentingSometimes the simplest toys are the most fun and educational. Classic wooden building blocks are no exception. But when we received our set of Maxville Blocks, we knew they were anything but ordinary. ALEX Toys took their wooden building blocks above and beyond the simple classics by using unique shapes, vibrant colors, and graphic patterns. These modern elements add to the fun and increase the opportunities for imaginative play and learning.

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A Gift for Every Child’s Personality… The Little Athlete

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Follow our blog this month as our Play@Home Mom makes holiday shopping easy by featuring toys for every child’s personality!

Is there a little someone in your life that has endless amounts of energy?! Instead of them bouncing off the walls this winter, let them bounce on the Little Jumpers Trampoline or the Jumpin’ Jr. First Trampoline!

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Hold The Pickles Please!

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Did you know that November 3rd is National Sandwich Day? It sure is! And what better way to celebrate than by playing with the ALEX Jr. Stretchy Sandwich? We invited one of the cutest babies in town, Yehuda, over to play. He just turned one and we thought he had enough teeth to eat a sandwich!

ALEX Toys Stretchy Sandwich

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Busy Bodies in Busy Town

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As soon as I saw the ALEX Jr. My Busy Town activity center, I fell in love! The bright colors, the insanely cute artwork, the endless activities… I knew that whichever kiddies were playing with this would be busy for quite some time!

We invited Julie’s super-cute friend, Aeden, over for a play date to try it out!

ALEX Toys My Busy Town

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Ask Nurit: Your Craft Stash

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Dear Nurit,

I live in a very cold climate and will be facing a winter with a 4 year-old who will be spending quite a bit of time indoors. What craft supplies do you suggest I have on hand for days it is too frigid to face the cold? I’d love to avoid excessive television watching!

Winter is coming and for many people that will mean snowmen, snow angels, and snowball fights. You’re absolutely right, some days it will be too cold to brave the outdoors and just like you want to make sure your pantry is stocked, having a variety of craft supplies on hand is essential for a fun-filled winter.

Here are the Craft Stash basics:

-Plenty of white and colored construction paper

-2 or more glue sticks

-Scotch tape

-A box of crayons


-A set of paints with at least two brushes

-Whimsical items such as glitter and googly eyes

-Two or more crafting project kits (model airplanes, tie-dye kits, et)

– Age appropriate scissors

That’s it! Enjoy your winter wonderland!


Ask Nurit: Newborns

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Dear Nurit,

I’ve read the baby books and heard advice from a variety of experts. If you had to sum up the needs of a newborn in a few words what would you say they are?

Cuddles, cuddles, and more cuddles. All a newborn needs outside of food, clothing, and shelter is to feel safe and secure in her environment. Skin to skin touch, hearing your voice, and lots of hugs from people who love her help build a foundation of healthy development that she can build on as she grows.

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