Printable: Party Hat

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TAny day can be a day to celebrate with these fun and festive printable craft party hats! Test your cutting skills by cutting along the dotted lines of the two sides of the party hat, paste on the confetti pieces and you’re ready to throw yourself a party!

Is there a birthday party coming up in your house? Print out enough pages for all of your party guests to create their own!

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Printable: Build A Kitty

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This craft printable is purr-fect for those little ones who need extra practice with their cutting and pasting skills. If they are too young to do it on their own, you can help by cutting out the pieces for them.

In addition to improving developmental skills, this craft can also be used as an exercise to help teach the different parts of the body. Sing along as you go – “Head, shoulder, knees and toes…”

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Building up Motor Skills with ALEX’s 3D Cityscape

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Fine Motor Skills

Looking for a fun jumbo puzzle?

Today we played with ALEX’s 3D Cityscape Jumbo Puzzle.  It’s a 41 piece floor puzzle geared toward kids ages 3 and up.  Aside from the fun colors and designs, depicting a cute little city, this puzzle also has a 3D component consisting of 3 vertically standing buildings.

The kids love the 3 dimensional buildings, which my niece reported “make it look like a real town.”

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Printable: Snowman Dress-Up

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TThis is not your ordinary snowman. Nope! This snowman might have button eyes and a carrot nose, but it also likes to dress up as a puppy, a scuba diver and sometimes it even like to grow a beard!

Its the perfect craft activity for kids to use their imagination. Put on a wintery fashion show! You can even print out multiple pages to dress-up more snowmen bodies.

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Printable: Tic-Tac-Toe

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We’ve all played it before – Tic-tac-toe is a very common childhood game, but for good reason! The simplicity of this paper-and-pencil game makes it an ideal tool for teaching the concepts of good sportsmanship to young children. It is a great mental exercise that can also help improve their thought process.

FUN FACT: Tic-Tac-Toe was the first computer game, invented in 1952 by A.S. Douglas from Cambridge University.

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Printable: Make A Picture Frame

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PA picture’s worth a thousand words…and so is the frame!

Get creative! The best part of a collage craft is that there is no wrong way to do it. Have the kids cut out the pieces and let them go to work, turning printable shapes into a fun frame to hold their favorite photo!

The colorful frame would be a cheerful addition to any playroom or family room! Fill it with a family photo or a picture with their BFF.

Picture frames also make great gifts when you fill them with the people you love.

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Printable: Mix & Match Friends

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This 1 page printable may seem like a simple activity, but there are many things you can do! First, have the kids sharpen their skills by cutting out the pieces along the dotted lines.

What you can do:

  • Mix & Match – Switch the pieces around. Ask your child what would happen if they took the snowball to the beach or tried to play soccer with the beach ball?
  • Play a game – Place the pictures facing down and take turns choosing pieces, see who can complete a friend first.
  • Learn about the seasons – Which season is missing? Have them draw their own mixed up friend to complete the set!

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Community Volunteering: Little Ones Can Do It, Too!

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With the holidays approaching, there are usually discussions at our home regarding ways to give back to our community during this time of year. We love to do special projects that help others, and show our community pride. But it’s not just something that we should only do around the holidays, but an experience we should share with our friends and family throughout the year.

Volunteering together as a family is an incredible bonding experience! It not only brings you closer as a family, it teaches your children valuable lessons about selflessness, and sacrifice. It instills community pride and thankfulness.  Now, not every volunteer project or job is appropriate for children, but there are many ways your children can help give back to those around you and to your community with your help.

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Printable: Paper Plate Animals

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It’s so easy for a child to look at an ordinary object and immediately see potential for something else. Give them a paper plate to craft with and the possibilities are endless! With this printable craft they won’t need anything more and a few basic craft supplies and their imagination to create their very own Zany Zebra and Crazy Cow.

For additional fun after you’re done crafting you can attach craft sticks to the bottom of the paper plates and turn them into puppets or masks. Use them to tell a story or put on a show.

Lets get started!

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Printable: Paper Bag Owl

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It’s the day before Thanksgiving and that only means one thing…preparation.

We thought you could use a little craft entertainment for the kids while you pick up the toys, clean the house, prepare the food and turn your jungle gym into a beautifully decorated and well organized Thanksgiving feast! Sounds easy enough!

The best part is that this craft requires only a few basic supplies that you’re sure to have in the house. It’s also easy enough that they shouldn’t need much help, so you’ll be able to get things done!

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