Five Ways to Get Your Preschooler in the Valentine’s Day Mood

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How to teach your preschooler about Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we are gearing up for a day of LOVE at our house.

From the oldest to the youngest, my kiddos adore Valentine’s Day. It’s a special day to celebrate love – the love you have for each other, and your friends.

Sometimes preschoolers don’t quite understand what Valentine’s Day is all about, and as a traditionally adult-geared holiday, that’s understandable.

Here are five fun ways you can add a little Valentine’s love into your day that will both entertain and educate your little one.

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Building up Motor Skills with ALEX’s 3D Cityscape

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Fine Motor Skills

Looking for a fun jumbo puzzle?

Today we played with ALEX’s 3D Cityscape Jumbo Puzzle.  It’s a 41 piece floor puzzle geared toward kids ages 3 and up.  Aside from the fun colors and designs, depicting a cute little city, this puzzle also has a 3D component consisting of 3 vertically standing buildings.

The kids love the 3 dimensional buildings, which my niece reported “make it look like a real town.”

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Printable: Make A Picture Frame

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PA picture’s worth a thousand words…and so is the frame!

Get creative! The best part of a collage craft is that there is no wrong way to do it. Have the kids cut out the pieces and let them go to work, turning printable shapes into a fun frame to hold their favorite photo!

The colorful frame would be a cheerful addition to any playroom or family room! Fill it with a family photo or a picture with their BFF.

Picture frames also make great gifts when you fill them with the people you love.

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Printable: Mix & Match Friends

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This 1 page printable may seem like a simple activity, but there are many things you can do! First, have the kids sharpen their skills by cutting out the pieces along the dotted lines.

What you can do:

  • Mix & Match – Switch the pieces around. Ask your child what would happen if they took the snowball to the beach or tried to play soccer with the beach ball?
  • Play a game – Place the pictures facing down and take turns choosing pieces, see who can complete a friend first.
  • Learn about the seasons – Which season is missing? Have them draw their own mixed up friend to complete the set!

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Printable: Paper Plate Animals

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It’s so easy for a child to look at an ordinary object and immediately see potential for something else. Give them a paper plate to craft with and the possibilities are endless! With this printable craft they won’t need anything more and a few basic craft supplies and their imagination to create their very own Zany Zebra and Crazy Cow.

For additional fun after you’re done crafting you can attach craft sticks to the bottom of the paper plates and turn them into puppets or masks. Use them to tell a story or put on a show.

Lets get started!

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Printable: Paper Bag Owl

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It’s the day before Thanksgiving and that only means one thing…preparation.

We thought you could use a little craft entertainment for the kids while you pick up the toys, clean the house, prepare the food and turn your jungle gym into a beautifully decorated and well organized Thanksgiving feast! Sounds easy enough!

The best part is that this craft requires only a few basic supplies that you’re sure to have in the house. It’s also easy enough that they shouldn’t need much help, so you’ll be able to get things done!

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Printable: Ready, Set, Scarecrow!

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It’s the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving harvest!

Your child can learn to cut while creating a whole family of scarecrows to join yours for a Thanksgiving feast.  This scarecrow craft  is simple enough for preschool age children to make but allows them to create a complete  project that they can be proud of. Just cut along the dotted lines and glue the pieces together.

For even more fun, have the kids collect sticks from the backyard that they can attach the scarecrow to and put them on display.

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Printable: Thanksgiving Turkey!

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Creativity is one of the most important skills a person can have. Giving kids an early creative start will help build their self-esteem and confidence for a lifetime of increased productivity. And the holidays are a perfect time for kids crafts!

Print out several of our Thanksgiving Turkeys for your preschoolers to make then decorate the house for a festive holiday look, or better yet, they make perfect place settings for the dinner table. Your guests will be touched by the personal touch and their oohs and aaahs will go a long way to making the kiddos feel proud as well as enthusiastic for future craft projects!

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Printable: Make A Monster Face

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Welcome to the ALEX Printables! There are new craft projects coming out all the time so make sure to check back and follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss any of the action! You can get all of the ALEX Printable Crafts by visiting our ALEX Printables and  Little Hands sections.

Just in time for the Halloween, here’s Make A Monster Face! Designed to be easy enough for preschoolers, it’s a fun activity for kids that involves no more than cutting and pasting. Make lots of different faces with various combinations of cut-out features! When they’re done they can show off their hard work and hang the monster faces up as Halloween decorations!

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Printable: Paper Chains

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Welcome to ALEX Printables!

Paper chains are a fun craft for kids to make and the results are beautiful!

We’ve designed ours specifically for little kiddos, so they’re super easy, yet allow for tons of creativity. Let them go wild with the crayons, creating different looks for our chain robots and princesses!

Print out and color multiple pages, then string them together to make one long chain. Decorate a bedroom or use them as a party garland. Or, invite some friends over for a play-craft date and some pretend play afterwards….princesses protected by the robots in a futuristic, techno castle!! Provide some suggestions and watch as their imaginations take over!

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