Kids and Holiday Parties

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Dear Nurit,

With the holidays parties right around the corner I’m trying to create a few kid-friendly crafts to occupy the little ones while the adults schmooze. What are some easy, clean holiday-themed crafts that my youngest guests will enjoy?

Keeping the children in your home busy and happy is key for a stress-free holiday gathering. Below are two simple craft ideas.

–          Christmas Paper Chains: Have the children make decorative paper chains that can be hung all over your home.

–          Pinecone Centerpieces: Place scented pinecones, oranges, tangerines, leaves, short branches, and potpourri on a table. Encourage the children to help arrange the items into small baskets for individual centerpieces that they can later take home.

–          Origami: Keep older children busy with the ALEX Toys Origami & Kirigami Kit

Be sure to have safety scissors on hand if you plan a craft that involves cutting.

Ask Nurit: Bathtime Safety

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Dear Nurit,

Bath time at my house is fun, noisy and hectic. All three of my young children ages 4-7 love getting wet and wild! Now that they’re older they no longer need to sit in an infant tub but I know there are still potential bathtime precautions that I should take to keep them safe and happy. What kinds of things can I do to make sure bath time is fun and ouch-free?

You’re absolutely right. While your children are no longer infants, there are steps that need to be taken to ensure everyone has a good, clean fun. Here are a few tips:

1. Have a bathmat inside of the tub and a soft bath rug with a non-slip base next to the tub to prevent slips.
2. Cover the spout with a sponge or specially designed soft cover to prevent accidents that occur from bumping in to them.
3. Keep all adult hygiene supplies out of reach and sight. This includes razors, curling irons, hair dryers, and anything else that could be a potential hazard.
4. To prevent scalding, set your hot water thermostat to between 100-125 degree Fahrenheit.
5. The water temperature in the bath should be between 90-100 degrees. Use a thermometer.
6. Never leave a child unattended in a bath.
7. Come to bathtime  prepared for serious fun! Have the toys ready, bring your cell phone, and make sure the stove is off so your full attention can be right there with your little swimmers.  And never leave a child unattended in the bath.

ALEX Duck Bath Thermometer: $4.49 USD

More from ALEX’s Bath Line

Have a great time!
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Ask Nurit: Your Craft Stash

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Dear Nurit,

I live in a very cold climate and will be facing a winter with a 4 year-old who will be spending quite a bit of time indoors. What craft supplies do you suggest I have on hand for days it is too frigid to face the cold? I’d love to avoid excessive television watching!

Winter is coming and for many people that will mean snowmen, snow angels, and snowball fights. You’re absolutely right, some days it will be too cold to brave the outdoors and just like you want to make sure your pantry is stocked, having a variety of craft supplies on hand is essential for a fun-filled winter.

Here are the Craft Stash basics:

-Plenty of white and colored construction paper

-2 or more glue sticks

-Scotch tape

-A box of crayons


-A set of paints with at least two brushes

-Whimsical items such as glitter and googly eyes

-Two or more crafting project kits (model airplanes, tie-dye kits, et)

– Age appropriate scissors

That’s it! Enjoy your winter wonderland!


Friday Fun: Did you know?

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Did you know:

· That the human eye blinks an average of 4,200,000 times a year.

· The ears of a cricket are located on the front legs, just below the knee.

· That sound travels about 4 times faster in water than in air.

Well now you do!

Ask Nurit: What a Mess!

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Dear Nurit,

I’m a mom of three who is always looking for ways to incorporate crafts into our daily routine. The problem is THE MESS. How do I encourage my children to express themselves while keeping my home semi-clean.

Children and messes go together like peanut butter and jelly. That said, there are ways that you can minimize the time you spend cleaning up after crafts.

1.      Have on hand a couple of clean aprons, or at least a few large old t-shirts, that are at least knee length for when your children paint.

2.      Use as a drop cloth. Instead of spot cleaning the carpet or mopping the kitchen floor you can just wipe it down.

3.      Get the little ones in on the cleaning action. When they experience what goes into cleaning up a mess, they’ll more likely to be careful about creating them.

4.      Keep your craft area organized and clean to start with. Regularly wipe down paint containers and keep brushes clean.

5.      As often as possible, create art outside. A patio, porch, or table set up in the backyard will keep the fun high and the mess low.

Good luck and remember to have a great time!

Ask Nurit: Newborns

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Dear Nurit,

I’ve read the baby books and heard advice from a variety of experts. If you had to sum up the needs of a newborn in a few words what would you say they are?

Cuddles, cuddles, and more cuddles. All a newborn needs outside of food, clothing, and shelter is to feel safe and secure in her environment. Skin to skin touch, hearing your voice, and lots of hugs from people who love her help build a foundation of healthy development that she can build on as she grows.

Ask Nurit: Remembering to Play

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Dear Nurit,

I’ve heard much talk about the importance of play in children but in a world of schedules, television, and video games, how do I help develop a love of free play in my children?

Even in a world of flashy electronics and schedules it is possible for any child to appreciate and love free play because it is in their nature. Easy ways to ensure that your children have the freedom to enjoy creative play starts with giving them unhindered time to explore on their own and develop their creativity.

Four Easy Ways to Keep Play Alive:

-Take regular walks around the neighborhood. Take time to point out leaves, sticks, and other parts of nature. Make up stories about the scenes surrounding you.

-Make sure your child has downtime on the weekends by keeping classes and meetings during the week.

-When your kids invite their friends over create a safe, clean space for them to play and leave out craft supplies, board games, balls and other ingredients for fun.

-Let your own inner child come out! Spend an hour in the bedsheet fort your child has created. Climb a tree. Redevelop a love for brightly colored construction paper.

– Nurit

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