Paranoid Dad: Pretend Play, Big Media Brands and My Son’s Future

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Pretend PlayWhen I was a little older than my son, I had a hero. He carried a light saber, routinely saved the universe and road around with a guy who could hit the speed of light.

When you’re five years old, these are admirable qualities.

Though maybe debatable, I’m pretty sure I turned out fine. Now, my son has his own hero, who has wings and a spaceship, seeks to beat infinity instead of light speed and has wholesome adventures with a lanky cowboy. I have no doubt his future is a bright one, too.

But, I still get nervous.

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A Gift for Every Child’s Personality… The Do-It-Yourselfer

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Follow our blog this month as Play@Home Mom makes holiday shopping easy by featuring toys for every child’s personality!

My Workbench is a dream-come-true for a little someone who likes to tinker with tools.

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Dads & Crafts

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Think craft time with the kids is just for moms? Think again! Arts & crafts are a great way for dads to bond with their children. Whether it’s through painting or forming masterpieces out of dough or clay, creative endeavors done as a dad and child team will create memories and help you understand your child’s unique personality on a deeper level.

Fun ALEX Crafts to dive into with dad:


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Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes:

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