6 Ways to Pretend Play Birthday All Year Round

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6 Ways to Pretend Play Birthday All Year Round

If your kids are like mine, their birthday is their favorite day of the year. In fact, my kids make elaborate plans for crafts, parties, and gifts months and months before the actual birthday date. All of which are subject to change at any moment.

Birthdays are the best.

So, I just go with it. We pretend play birthday all the time.

We sing Happy Birthday in the car to them, to me, to all our relatives, to our pets, to our toys.

We play birthday party, too.

And do you know what? It’s great to play birthday because while you’re playing, you’re sneaking in lots of learning opportunities.

Here are some ideas for your next pretend play birthday bash.

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Paranoid Dad: Pretend Play, Big Media Brands and My Son’s Future

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Pretend PlayWhen I was a little older than my son, I had a hero. He carried a light saber, routinely saved the universe and road around with a guy who could hit the speed of light.

When you’re five years old, these are admirable qualities.

Though maybe debatable, I’m pretty sure I turned out fine. Now, my son has his own hero, who has wings and a spaceship, seeks to beat infinity instead of light speed and has wholesome adventures with a lanky cowboy. I have no doubt his future is a bright one, too.

But, I still get nervous.

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Printable: Paper Chains

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Welcome to ALEX Printables!

Paper chains are a fun craft for kids to make and the results are beautiful!

We’ve designed ours specifically for little kiddos, so they’re super easy, yet allow for tons of creativity. Let them go wild with the crayons, creating different looks for our chain robots and princesses!

Print out and color multiple pages, then string them together to make one long chain. Decorate a bedroom or use them as a party garland. Or, invite some friends over for a play-craft date and some pretend play afterwards….princesses protected by the robots in a futuristic, techno castle!! Provide some suggestions and watch as their imaginations take over!

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Printable: Build A Monkey

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Welcome to ALEX Printables!

Inspired by our popular and cuddly Learn to Dress Monkey, this week’s printable craft is Build a Monkey! He’s lots of fun, way cool (check out his shades) and a great way to practice zipping, snapping, buttoning and lacing with your little one at the same time you’re having fun making the craft.

If  you have young kiddos, help by cutting out the pieces first and then let them paste away! Or, this can be an excellent opportunity for your child to hone both cutting and pasting skills.

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