Printable: Raining Cats & Dogs

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?????????????????It’s not fun to be stuck inside the house on those cold and rainy days that come with the beginning of Spring. So what do you do to keep the kiddies occupied, when it’s raining cats and dogs out there? Turn it into a craft activity, of course!

Put a fun spin on those gloomy April showers with this printable craft! It’s vibrant colors and cheerful characters are sure to brighten up any rainy day.

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Printable: Ready, Set, Bunny!

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All of the ALEX Little Hands products are designed specifically for preschool aged children. The Ready, Set collection gives little ones a head start building skills they need to feel confident they can succeed in school.

In this craft printable we have combined the developmental skills of Ready, Set, Cut!, Ready, Set, Fold! and Ready, Set, Paste! into a fun and easy craft. It’s great way to kick off the Easter weekend while exposing your child to a positive and enjoyable learning experience.

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Printable: Silly Soup

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????????????What’s better than chicken noodle soup on a sick day? How about ALEX Silly Soup!

This is the perfect craft printable for a little one to do when they are feeling under the weather or maybe it’s just too cold to play outside.

Get their creative juices flowing as they stir up their very own Nosey Noodle Soup, Chunky Chocolate Chipmunk Chowder or Stinky Sock Stew. *Print 3 bowls to make them all!

Here are the recipes…

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Printable: Countdown Caterpillar

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????????????Countdowns are a fun way to keep kids interested in an event they may otherwise forget about. It can also help them to understand and gauge the length of time that will pass before the day arrives. Countdowns can put a  fun spin on learning numbers and counting backwards – whether you’re counting down 10 days, 100 days or 365 days of the year.

This craft printable is great because it’s fun to make and visually appealing to hold the attention of  little ones. Each strip of paper is equipped with a basic number 1-10 which will help teach number recognition and linking the loops together will help little ones learn to count in order.

Use  the Countdown Caterpillar to countdown to the 1st day of Spring on March 20th, 2013!

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Printable: Make A Street

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On the road again…To build your very own street! Choose the trees that line the sidewalks and the buildings that call your street home. Hey! Who’s that driving by?

This craft printable is as easy as cut and paste but there is always a way to get creative and to continue the fun.

Have your little one tell a story about their street: Use these questions to prompt them. What is the name of your street? Who lives on it? What do the kids like to do for fun?

Build an entire town: Paste the street onto a larger piece of construction paper. They can draw parks and ponds or whatever else they want around their street and the people who live there. You can also print out multiple copies of the printable and build up the whole block!

Where do you live? This activity can also be useful for learning your address. Have them write out the name of the street you live on and label one of the buildings with your house number. It’s never to early to learn this! Continue Reading Printable: Make A Street…

Printable: Paper Tube Dog

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?????Recycling everyday household items into craft materials is an inexpensive way to get the creative juices flowing. Do you go through a lot of rolls of paper towels in your home?  After cleaning up all the spills and wiping off all the dirty hands and faces, save the paper tubes for fun craft activities – Like this one!

It’s the perfect craft printable for a cold or rainy day or for a play date with friends. Start saving those tubes today!

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Printable: Make A Cake

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Valentine’s Day is filled with lots of love and sweet treats! So why not take the time today to make a cake with the ones you love…a printable cake from ALEX Toys! The perfect treat for the little ones in your life.

So get out the craft supplies! Scissors and glue are the only ingredients you need to make this cake. Improve cutting and pasting skills while making a cake that looks good enough to eat!

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Printable: Heart Garland

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Turn your home into a love shack fit for cupid.  This simple craft printable can be completed with scissors, a little glue and a little love.  Add some creativity and you can do a whole lot more…

  • Celebrate your Family: Print out a heart for each member of your family and write 1 thing you love about them around the heart.
  • Glitter, Pom Poms and Sequins – oh my!: Get out your craft supplies and decorate the hearts any way you choose.
  • Classroom Fun: Have each student decorate a heart and connect all the hearts together to make an awesome piece of garland for the classroom.
  • Throw a PJ Party!: Now that you have the decorations, it’s time to celebrate. Make pink and red pancakes and strawberry smoothies for breakfast, or maybe dinner is the way to go with a heart-shaped pizza!

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Printable: Cup Critters

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PMake new friends with Cup Critters! Just cut and paste to create a dog and cat critter, Hungry Hank and Scared Sam.

What to do next is up to you!

Here’s an idea!

Having a birthday party? Cup critters is an easy craft for kids to do on there own with little help, making it a successful group project. Gather enough paper cups and print out characters for your party guests and set up a craft table. After the kids make their critters, they can be used as a place setting, or when turned upside down can hold candy from the pinata!

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Printable: Juice Box City

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Welcome to Juice Box City, population – how ever many juice boxes you can drink!

Take a drive down Orange Lavaburst Lane or see what’s happening at Flashin’ Fruit Punch Park. The best part about this craft printable is the added play value. The kiddies will be happy to build an entire town that they can cruise around with their toy cars. These buildings are a great addition to any playmat,  or the little ones can continue to get creative by drawing their own roads and scenery to build around.

What are you waiting for? Starting drinking those juice boxes! Get out your crafting tools and start building your very own town.

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