Printable: Make A Cake

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Valentine’s Day is filled with lots of love and sweet treats! So why not take the time today to make a cake with the ones you love…a printable cake from ALEX Toys! The perfect treat for the little ones in your life.

So get out the craft supplies! Scissors and glue are the only ingredients you need to make this cake. Improve cutting and pasting skills while making a cake that looks good enough to eat!

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Printable: Heart Garland

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Turn your home into a love shack fit for cupid.  This simple craft printable can be completed with scissors, a little glue and a little love.  Add some creativity and you can do a whole lot more…

  • Celebrate your Family: Print out a heart for each member of your family and write 1 thing you love about them around the heart.
  • Glitter, Pom Poms and Sequins – oh my!: Get out your craft supplies and decorate the hearts any way you choose.
  • Classroom Fun: Have each student decorate a heart and connect all the hearts together to make an awesome piece of garland for the classroom.
  • Throw a PJ Party!: Now that you have the decorations, it’s time to celebrate. Make pink and red pancakes and strawberry smoothies for breakfast, or maybe dinner is the way to go with a heart-shaped pizza!

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Love Is In The Air…

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Our love for crafts, that is! We adore crafting in our home, so we couldn’t wait to try the I Love Crafts activity kit.

This kit is filled with a ton of supplies: an album, beads, ribbons, pre-cut fabric and felt shapes, buttons, zigzag scissors, glitter glue, sticky dots, instructions and tons more! You can make over 10 heart-themed projects including cards, jewelry and a picture frame.

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